Monday, 26 May 2014

Mayors & Mayoress 1912-1914 - 1914-1916

Ald. Hinchcliffe Brooke J.P.  &  Mrs. Brooke 1912 - 1914

Coun. Stanley Welch J.P.  &  Mrs. Welch 1914 - 1916


  1. Hi Tom, I'm currently writing a history of Newton Mill / Newtonhurst Cricket Club which I'm hoping to get published next year. Sadly, it will be a complete history, since the club folded at the start of this year. The club started out as the works team for Messrs Jacobsen, Welch, & Co. Ltd., i.e. the staff of Newton Mill. You have a great picture of Stanley Welch and his wife which I'd like to use in the book please, if I may? Naturally, I will credit this website in the book. Kind regards, Pete Simpson

  2. Hi Tom, my email address is "". Cheers, Pete Simpson


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